Nowadays, Paramount Global (NASDAQ: PARA) is among the most discussed subjects on the stock market. The troubled corporation, which possesses, among other things, Paramount Pictures, CBS, MTV, and Paramount+, has been the subject of merger discussions for several months, with numerous potential partners mentioned.

Paramount and Skydance Media initiated an exclusive 30-day negotiating window in early April, which increased anticipations for a successful agreement.

What Does the Paramount Deal Mean?

Skydance Media, led by David Ellison, reportedly pays $2 billion to acquire National Amusements, the holding company owned by Shari Redstone with a majority stake in Paramount.

In addition, Skydance, Redbird Capital, KKR, and private equity partners are anticipated to purchase nearly 50% of Paramount's shares at $15 per share for $4.5 billion. The organization will also contribute $1.5 billion towards Paramount's debt reduction.

The transaction, estimated to be worth $8 billion, would vest two-thirds of Paramount Global shares and a controlling stake in the company in Skydance and its partners. Class B shareholders would retain the remaining third share.

According to CNBC, a Paramount special committee had agreed with Skydance on the terms. However, Redstone and National Amusements were still required to approve the agreement.

Tuesday is the scheduled date of Paramount's annual shareholder meeting, during which additional information or an official announcement may be disclosed, barring any earlier announcements.

Analysts Projection On Paramount Stock

The current agreement would increase compensation for Redstone and National Amusements, with shareholders receiving $15 per share instead of the $11 in the previous offer. The offer of $15 per share signifies a 16% increase in value compared to the present share price of $12.94.

Analysts generally regarded the transaction favorably. Wells Fargo has assigned a price target of $14 per share for Paramount, whereas analysts have a median price target of $12 per share, representing a 7% decrease from the current price.

Investors ought to adopt a cautious and observational stance prior to further disclosure of information regarding the transaction and the prospective organizational framework of the firm. Paramount persists in confronting obstacles due to its sluggish streaming operations and a lackluster year in the film industry.

PARA Stock Forecast Technical Analysis

In the daily chart of PARA stock price, an ongoing consolidation is seen, where the current buying pressure has come from a double bottom formation at the 10.16 level.

Moreover, the most active level since November 2023 is marked at the 11.19 level, which is below the most recent swing low. As the current price hovers above this crucial line, we may expect the buying pressure to extend soon.

Looking at the main chart, a potential bullish breakout is seen from the 100-day SMA line, which could signal a potential bullish trend continuation.  In this context, a conservative bullish approach is to wait for a valid daily close above the 13.40 level, which could extend the upward pressure above the 17.50 resistance level.

On the other hand, an immediate selling pressure with a stable market below the 11.00 line could be an alarming sign to bulls.

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