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Stocks CFDs FAQs explained


1. What are stocks?

Here is an introduction to stocks:

Stocks represent ownership shares in a public company. When you buy stocks, you are purchasing a piece of the company and becoming a part-owner. As an owner, you may receive dividends if the company issues them and benefits if the stock price rises over time. Stocks are the foundation of both personal wealth building and corporate governance.

Companies issue stocks in the primary market through an initial public offering (IPO) to raise capital from investors. The investors can then trade the stocks among themselves on the secondary market, like public stock exchanges. The price of a stock moves up and down based on supply and demand and based on the performance and outlook of the underlying company.

Investors make money from stocks in two ways:

1. Price appreciation - If the stock price rises from the time you purchase the shares, you can sell them at a profit. Of course, stock prices may go down after you buy, leading to losses if you sell. Over the long run though, stock prices trend upward with the growth of companies and the overall market.

2. Dividends - Some companies pay regular dividends, which are distributions of a portion of quarterly or annual earnings to shareholders. Dividend-paying stocks provide income to investors along with the potential for price gains. Dividends are paid per share based on the dividend yield and number of shares owned.

There are many types of stocks, including:

•Common stock - Basic ownership shares with voting rights. Most widely held and traded.

•Preferred stock - Pays fixed dividends but limited/no voting rights. Higher claim to assets.

•Blue-chip stock - Shares of very large, well-established, and financially-sound companies. More stable.

•Growth stock - Shares of a fast-growing company focused on reinvesting profits. Potentially risky but with high rewards.

•Value stock - Shares considered underpriced relative to fundamentals. Can provide good long-term returns if the price recovers.

•Penny stock - Very cheap, speculative shares of small companies. High risk but can lead to big gains. Often manipulated.

Stocks provide an opportunity to share in the innovation, growth, and success of both young and established companies. While volatile in the short term, stocks have the potential to significantly outpace inflation and build wealth over long periods of time through a combination of price gains and dividends. For investors, stocks remain one of the most attractive asset classes to achieve financial goals.

2. What are the differences between stocks and CFD stocks?
3. How do I buy and sell stocks with CFD?
4. What is the right trading strategy for stocks and CFD stocks?
5. What does it cost to trade stocks and CFD stock?
6. What are the different types of stock investment strategies?
7. When can I trade Stock CFDs?

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