What is Filecoin?

Filecoin is a decentralized storage network solution that lets users store and retrieve digital information. The native token of this network is “FIL,” which can be used to ensure the files are stored properly.  

The Filecoin network aims to provide a decentralized and secure space for companies or individuals to store data. Dropbox and Google Drive are two traditional online storage platforms. However, Filecoin eliminates the need to trust a centralized company with the security of your highly valuable files.  

Instead of uploading data to the cloud, which is at risk of hackers, the data can be encrypted before storing it on the Filecoin network, making it challenging to steal them. In addition, Filecoin offers complete control to users since it is a decentralized system. 

The Filecoin network works on IPFS (Interplanetary File System) protocol, a peer-to-peer data-sharing protocol. Data security on the network is guaranteed due to the use of a Proof-of-Replication mechanism. 

Like other crypto assets, various factors affect the FIL's price, including demand and supply, market sentiment, adoption, technology development, and government regulations. Therefore, investors must understand these factors to make informed decisions. 

This guide aims to examine the factors that influence the price of FIL. Let us dive in!

Supply and Demand 

The first factor influencing its price is supply and demand, like every other crypto asset. The law of demand and supply originates in economics- demand describes the quantity of FIL investors are willing to buy, while supply is the circulating amount of the asset. According to the law of demand and supply, when supply is more than demand, the price of an asset reduces. On the other hand, when the demand is more than the supply, the asset's price increases.  

How supply and demand influence FIL's price 

Scarcity of FIL 

FIL is the native token of Filecoin and is also affected by the law of demand and supply. FIL has a limited supply capped at 2 billion. This limited supply means that the price will increase as demand for the token grows. 

Demand for FIL  

Another critical factor that influences the price of FIL is demand. Factors like broader adoption, increasing popularity, and innovations on the network can play significant roles in driving the demand for Filecoin. According to the law of demand and supply, increasing demand implies competition among investors to acquire the “scarce coin,” which may ultimately cause an increase in market value.

Market Sentiments 

Market sentiments are another significant factors that drive FIL’s price. This describes the outlook or perception of traders and the public toward the potential or performance of FIL. Factors like news, social media hype, and major events can sway the public’s opinion regarding FIL. Market sentiment can affect the demand and supply of FIL, influencing the price.

Positive market sentiment implies that investors are willing to buy FIL, which drives the demand and an uptrend in price. On the other hand, negative sentiments may imply that investors are less inclined to buy and hold Filecoin. As a result, demand decreases, which can drive down its price. 

Key indicators of market sentiment 

Indicators of market sentiment provide insight into the perception of the public. These key indicators are critical because they help investors and traders make the best decisions. Social media, news, and events are key indicators that must be monitored to identify possible price fluctuation.

Social media activity 

Social media has a significant influence on the crypto market sentiment. The hype on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter can stir sentiments, which can affect FIL’s price volatility regardless of the authenticity of the information. 

For example, an influential person supporting Filecoin can foster optimism regarding the coin's future. As a result, many investors will be motivated to buy and hold, waiting for an opportunity to make a profit. On the other hand, increasing negative comments on social media can cause investors to sell quickly, which causes a decrease in demand and results in a price downtrend.

News and events: positive and negative 

The cryptocurrency market, in general, is affected by news and events, and Filecoin is not an exception to this trend. Positive events like innovation on the Filecoin network are good news that can contribute to positive market sentiment. On the other hand, negative events like hacking can negatively affect investors' confidence, reducing the demand and price of FIL.

A good example was the 29% spike in FIL’s price in March 2023, ahead of the launch of Filecoin’s Virtual Machine. 

Therefore, traders must stay up-to-date on events and news related to FIL, as this can provide insights on whether to buy, hold, or sell. Traders can adjust their trading strategies and jump on opportunities early to maximize profit and minimize loss. 


The adoption of FIL has a significant impact on its price. Remember that FIL is the native token of Filecoin, a blockchain-decentralized data storage network. Therefore, the more companies and individuals use the network, the more demand increases, which will cause an uptrend in the price. 

Significance of adoption for FIL's price 

One of the significance of adoption is that it signals increasing market participation. Therefore, the higher the adoption of FIL by institutions and individuals increases demand and liquidity. One benefit of increasing FIL's liquidity is that it boosts investors' confidence, which can help stabilize its price. Various factors such as news, technology advancement, and network upgrade influence the adoption of FIL.    

Adoption by traders and investors 

Institutional Adoption 

Institutional adoption describes a situation where organizations in various industries use the Filecoin network to store critical data. Since institutional investors can afford huge capital, their investment can increase the demand for FIL. A good example of institutional adoption is the introduction of Grayscale Filecoin Trust. This adoption is expected to attract other big investors to the Filecoin network. Chipotle Mexican Grill and some charity organizations accept Filecoin payments. 

Retail Adoption 

Retail adoption is another critical aspect that affects the price of FIL. The more investors and traders adopt FIL, the more demand increases, which may trigger an uptrend in its price. Retail adoption increases when more exchange platforms list the asset. As a result, FIL is easily accessible to traders, which increases its adoption rate.  

Technological Developments 

Technological developments like implementing updates on blockchain technology can affect the price of FIL. For example, Filecoin has a unique advantage over other crypto assets because it can securely store sensitive data. This update can drive investors to adopt FIL because of its benefit.

Technological advancements in FIL 

Two main technological advancements that set Filecoin apart are proof-of-replication and proof-of-space. Proof-of-replication (PoRep) is a technology designed to optimize the security of the data stored on the network. The PoRep indicates that a unique form of data has been stored at the initial point of storing data.

On the other hand, proof-of-spacetime (PoSt) is designed to ensure the data stored is unique and sealed to minimize the risk of theft. Another technological advancement in FIL is the Filecoin Improvement Proposal- a set of fundamental principles governing decisions regarding the improvement of FIL. 

 The impact of FIL technological developments on its price 

Technological developments have a significant impact on the growth and price of FIL. The technological advancements listed above can optimize the network’s security and usability, making it more appealing to big and small investors. As a result, this could increase the adoption of the network. 

Increasing adoption can lead to increased demand, which plays a central role in the uptrend of FIL’s price. In addition, technological advancement can promote positive market sentiments and social media hype, which can cause an exponential rise in market value. For example, in March 2023, FIL experienced an 18% price surge due to an upgrade on the network.

 The Herding Effect of Cryptocurrency

Herding behavior is defined as investors' tendency to follow other investors' opinions in their decision-making processes rather than their own. In other words, investors may invest in a particular crypto asset if it is doing well in an attempt to make a profit. As a result, they can exit their current position on an asset to open a new position with another crypto asset they perceive has better performance. 

One of the driving factors for the herding effect in the crypto market is “reputation.” Since Bitcoin is the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency, it significantly affects the herding effect. Therefore, Bitcoin’s price movements significantly affect the market value of other crypto assets, including Filecoin. For example, suppose the price of Bitcoin is on a steady rise. In that case, it increases investors' interest and confidence in the crypto market. 

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Comparison of FIL's price and other cryptocurrencies 

Filecoin is a young cryptocurrency, as it was launched in 2017. Therefore, the market condition of more established assets like Bitcoin can influence its price movement. When Bitcoin performs well, other crypto assets' performance improves. This is because the price movement of Bitcoin is often used as an indicator of the general health of the crypto market. For example, when the price of Bitcoin is rapidly falling, it reduces investors’ confidence, and they will be less inclined to invest in newer assets like Filecoin.

FIL's price correlation with other cryptocurrencies 

Other cryptocurrencies with similar functions can influence the price of Filecoin. Remember that Filecoin is a network for storing data. Other storage-focused assets like Siacoin and Storj, which provide decentralized storage, may have similar market movements

Due to hacking incidents that have left devastating effects on the crypto community, privacy is becoming a priority issue. FIL has the technology to ensure privacy and security. Therefore, other cryptocurrencies like Mobero, Zcash, and Beam, which are privacy-focused, may have similar market trends as FIL. 

However, correlation does not indicate a direct influence- two crypto assets with similar functions can have similar price movements, but the driving factors for each differ. 

Regulatory Environment 

The regulatory environment affects the price of all cryptocurrencies. Filecoin is a decentralized storage network that can be an alternative to the usual cloud storage. Therefore, regulatory scrutiny and the crypto assets' legal status can affect FIL's price. As a result, investors and traders must pay attention to news regarding legal status and regulations to make informed decisions. 

Regulatory scrutiny impact on FIL's price

Cryptocurrencies are subject to regulatory scrutiny, especially since they operate on a decentralized network- not regulated by a central body like the government. Various governments worldwide scrutinize crypto assets to prevent their use in illegal activities like money laundering or terrorism financing. 

Positive regulations can drive up the price of Filecoin, while negative policies reduce demand and cause a crash in the market value. For example, in 2021, China's government banned all cryptocurrency activity. This caused a general downtrend in the market price of crypto assets, including FIL. 

Legal acceptance or ban on cryptocurrencies 

The legal status of cryptocurrency is another factor that can influence the price of FIL. Crypto assets like FIL are legally bought and sold in some countries without fear of jail time or fine payment. However, in some countries like China and India, it is illegal to be involved in any crypto mining or trading.

On the other hand, in 2021, El Salvador became the first country to adopt BTC as a legal tender. This policy caused positive market sentiments, reflected in the outstanding market performance of FIL and other cryptocurrencies. 

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is a method of evaluating the historical data of a crypto asset to determine its value. Investors can use fundamental analysis to determine the intrinsic value of Filecoin by evaluating hash rate, network difficulty, and mining operations. In addition, fundamental analysis can help investors predict the price of FIL.

Estimating FIL's intrinsic value

 Fundamental and technical analysis is critical to estimate FIL’s intrinsic value. The intrinsic value of FIL is the actual value of the asset. It includes evaluating the fundamentals- factors that affect the price of Filecoin. 

Discounted cash flow (DCF) is one method to calculate an asset's intrinsic value. It involves estimating the future performance of FIL and discounting (using a discount rate) it to its current value. 

Analysis of FIL's metrics

Analysis of FIL’s metrics, such as hash rate, network difficulty, and mining operations, can help investors capture the intrinsic value. 

1. Hash rate: the hash rate is the computing power that secures the Filecoin network. A higher hash rate value indicates better security, which can boost investor confidence and optimize market sentiments.
2. Network difficulty: the difficulty describes the complexity of mathematical operations that miners must solve to add a new blockchain to the Filecoin network. Higher difficulty levels indicate competition and better network security.
3. Mining operations: the mining operations on the Filecoin network may indicate FIL’s intrinsic value. Higher mining operations indicate increasing demand.

Partnership and Collaboration 

Partnerships and collaborations are crucial factors that can affect the price of FIL. The influence of the collaborators can sway market sentiments in favor of Filecoin, which can cause an uptrend in price.

Partnership and collaboration by FIL with other corporations 

Filecoin has collaborated with other corporations to expand and strengthen the network. Some notable collaborations include: 

1. Protocol Labs: Filecoin was developed by the exceptional team at Protocol Labs- an open-source research development and deployment laboratory that builds projects and protocols that focus on decentralization. As a result, the Filecoin network has access to top-notch technology like the InterPlanetary File System Protocol.
2. ChainSafe: Chainsafe is a blockchain research and development firm that specializes in infrastructure and tools for the decentralized web. The partnership with Chainsafe has helped the Filecoin network optimize its new features.
3. Dapper Labs: Filecoin is the official storage partner of Flow blockchain, which was created by Dapper Labs. This collaboration highlights the reliability and safety of the Filecoin network.

The impact of these partnerships on FIL's price 

The main significance of partnership and collaboration is that it increases the adoption of Filecoin, which increases demand. As a result, there will be an upward movement in the market value of FIL. 

In addition, these collaborations help to expand the Filecoin ecosystem and improve the technology and features on the network. Therefore, partnership plays a critical role in boosting investor confidence, which can lead to an increase in price. 

Availability of FIL in the Market 

FIL is a digital asset. Hence availability or supply affects its market value. When FIL is scarce and demand begins to increase, the price increases.

Limited availability of FIL

The limited supply of FIL is one of the factors that can drive up its market value. There can only ever be two billion Filecoins in existence, and the circulating supply is about 403 million. However, most of the supply is allocated for mining rewards and network development. 

The limited supply of FIL can create scarcity in the market. According to the fundamentals of economics, the more scarce an asset is, the more it’s worth increases. Therefore, if all the market factors work together to increase demand and supply is limited, the price of FIL will most likely rise.

The impact on price when FIL is released to the market 

The release of FIL tokens into the market can affect the market value. When FIL is released to the market, the supply increases, which can drive down the market value if demand does not rise. 

However, the impact of releasing FIL to the market also depends on factors like market sentiment, demand, and social media hype during the period. 


Filecoin was designed as a decentralized storage solution with features and technology to optimize data safety. The price of Filecoin (FLI) is influenced by various factors, which investors need to consider. Supply and demand, market sentiment, adoption, regulatory environment, technological advancement, and collaborations are fundamental factors affecting FLI’s market value. 

Traders need to consider all these factors to decide their investment goals and strategies. In addition, it helps them take advantage of any price fluctuations that may arise from any of these factors.  

*Disclaimer: The content of this article is for learning purposes only and does not represent the official position of VSTAR, nor can it be used as investment advice.