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No Cashback
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1 lot
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1.5 lot
Price per pip
Cash back to balance
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    Open Live account within 30 seconds
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    Deposit and claim the credit bonus
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    Bonus can be withdrawn upon meeting the required Trading Volume

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Terms and Conditions

1. Conditions and Overview
1.1 Customer Participation Threshold: By opening a new account with VSTAR, Customer acknowledges that Customer has read and agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions; 1.2 VSTAR may invite specific countries or regions to participate in this campaign as needed, and you will not be able to participate if you are not in the invited region; 1.3 The cumulative reward that may be earned by any eligible customer at any time during the term of this campaign will not exceed US$5,005; 1.4 This campaign is effective immediately and may be unilaterally terminated and canceled by VSTAR at any time without prior notice; 1.5 The eligibility of accounts to participate in this campaign will be determined by VSTAR and VSTAR reserves the right to disqualify any customer from participating in any Reward Gold campaign; 1.6 VSTAR reserves the right to amend and update the terms and conditions of the Campaign and the most recent terms and conditions will apply throughout the Campaign period; 1.7 This campaign is not associated with Apple Inc.
2. Rewards Policy
2.1 How to receive cashback rewards 2.1.1 This must be your first deposit to qualify for the cashback campaign; 2.1.2 Each user has only one opportunity to enter the campaign. KYC, mobile and email (including but not limited to) are all unique and will be considered as the same user; 2.1.3 The amount of the first deposit must reach the amount specified in the campaign reward, i.e. if you deposit 100-500USD, you will receive 5.00USD cash + an equal amount of cashback, and if you deposit more than 500USD, you can not only enjoy the 5.00USD cash + 500USD cashback reward, but also an additional 10% cashback on your over $500, calculated as (X-500) × 10%. Note: X is the deposit amount; 2.1.4 Any referral bonuses for inviting friends, or affiliate commissions of any kind, are not considered new deposits and will not be counted towards this campaign. 2.1.5 The reward is subject to the actual amount received; 2.2 Rules for the use of rewards 2.2.1 Cash Rewards are added directly to the account balance and can be used for trade, but cannot be withdrawn directly. You must complete more than 3 (inclusive) trades (Stock/Commodities only) before you can withdraw money; 2.2.2 The Cashback Reward is credited directly into the Account and cannot be used for trading or withdrawn. It must be transferred to the account balance (tradable/withdrawable) upon completion of the specified trade amount. See 2.2.3 for the specified trade amount; 2.2.3 For each trade amount (USD) of 200,000 USD, 10 USD can be transferred to the account balance (tradable/withdrawable) until the cash back rewards are redeemed;
3. Legal Statements
3.1 Any trading losses incurred as a result of this campaign are the customers' independent trading decisions for which VSTAR is not responsible and for which VSTAR is the sole arbiter. Any dispute or situation not covered by these rules will be resolved by VSTAR management in the manner it deems most fair to all parties involved and this decision will be final for all parties involved; 3.2 Each User may receive the Campaign Reward only once, the User who has received the Reward will not be eligible to participate in the Campaign if he/she logs out of his/her account and then re-registers, and VSTAR reserves the right to refuse to issue the Reward to the User who has already participated in the Campaign at the beginning of the Campaign, while the Campaign is in progress, or during the review and approval of the issuance of the Campaign Reward; 3.3 If, during the Campaign period, the Client is found to have abused or violated the trading or operation, including but not limited to violating the legitimate rights and interests of third parties, cheating, batch registration, demo client, etc., and any violation of the Client Agreement or the Product Disclosure Statement, VSTAR shall have the right to revoke or stop the trades, as well as to determine that the Client loses eligibility for the Campaign based on the Rules, and to recover the rewards already paid; 3.4 If at any time the whole or any part of any provision of these Rules is illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any respect under the laws of any jurisdiction, that provision shall not affect or impair the legality of the remaining provisions of these Rules in that jurisdiction; 3.5 The Company reserves the right to refuse to register any Participant for the Campaign and/or to disqualify from the Campaign any Participant who breaches or abuses these Terms and Conditions or the Company's Terms and Conditions and, if necessary: (a) withhold, cancel or deduct any Reward Money from Customer's Account; (b) terminate the Customer's agreement with the Company; (c) freeze the Customer's account;
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