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Add Margin

Increase the margin to avoid forced liquidation in case of sudden market changes

Add Position

A continuous behavior of increasing positions, usually used in spot trading

All in

All available funds are used to buy coins


Bearish Factor

Refers to news, mostly referring to unfavorable news.

Big Pump

A certain currency rises sharply in a short period of time


The world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, founded in 2017


Positions held are finally coming back to cost after a sustained loss position


Equivalent to build, represents community members that contribute to the construction and success of a project through technology, money, marketing, etc.

Bull Market

The value of similar types of assets continues to rise sharply over a period of time. This period is called a bull market.

Bullish Factor

Applicable to news, use good news to drive market sentiment and stimulate rising prices, but the market does not necessarily rise.


Candlestick Chart

Candlestick charts contain price trends and opening and closing prices within a specific time period (days, hours, minutes, seconds, etc.)

Circulating Market Cap

The circulating market value within a specific time period is the number of tokens that can be traded multiplied by the price at that time

Circulating Suply

It represents the total number of tokens of a project on the blockchain that can be freely traded in the market


Price fluctuations are very small, both up and down in a very small range


Essentially, it is gambling on rises and falls. If you guess right, you can make a profit. If you read it wrong, you will lose money.



Selling pressure, applicable to the expiration of cryptocurrency lockups, when a lot of selling of a cryptocurrency takes place all at once


Fear & Greed Index

A data indicating market sentiment, the index is 0-100, 0 represents the most panic, 100 represents the most greed

Flash Crash

A large number of sell orders entered the market at the same time, causing prices to drop sharply in an instant

Flavor of The Month

Flavor of the month describes a cryptocurrency that is popular at a particular time, usually for a short amount of time


Fear of missing out, Refers to the phenomenon that investors panic buy upon seeing a sharp rise in the price of an asset, missing the best entry point.

Forced Liquidation

When leverage is used in contracts and the margin is insufficient to pay for losses due to drastic market fluctuations, resulting in forced liquidation


Fear, uncertainty and doubt. Refers to the sum of some negative news that will cause panic and selling in the market, leading to lower prices.


Go Long

Hope to buy low and sell high, hold long positions in the market

Go Short

Believe that the market will fall in the future, so hold short positions in the market


A well-known cryptocurrency investment institution

Grid Trading

A strategy to profit from market volatility



By algorithm, increase mining difficulty and reduce mining rewards starting from a fixed block height


HODL, or “Hold On for Dear Life,”equivalent to HOLD, refers to investors who are confident that their positions will achieve profits in the future or even change the world


Impermanent Loss

A kind of loss that will be encountered during liquidity mining, usually caused by the token price deviation



Crypto leverage trading is a type of trading that allows traders to increase their exposure to the market without having to put up the full amount of capital required

Limit Order

Send a request to the broker or exchange, requesting to buy or sell a certain currency at a specific price

Liquidate Position

Sell all of your currencies


Cryptocurrency liquidation occurs when a trader's position is forced to close owing to insufficient margin to cover an ongoing loss


Liquidity in cryptocurrency allows for price stability and decreased volatility, and refers to the ease by which one can convert a digital coin or token into cash or another digital asset without impacting its price

Liquidity Mining

Providing liquidity to DeFi platforms, lending agreements and other decentralized projects can obtain platform tokens as rewards or compensation for occasional losses

Liquidity Pool

Liquidity pools are funds locked in smart contracts that can be used to facilitate decentralized transactions

Liquidity Providers

Liquidity providers are companies that keep trading crypto assets in their own accounts and assist brokers and other organizations in filling client orders, and which are designed to help solve the liquidity problems of cryptocurrency exchanges



A manipulation technique commonly used by market makers, very common in small market cap assets


Crypto margin trading is a type of trade where an investor uses borrowed funds to bet on the price of a cryptocurrency going up or down.

Market Maker

The controller of a project can manipulate market prices through trading


Based on the current price of trading on the exchange, the calculation result of the overall value of a token. The market value is not fixed and will change with price changes.


A common phrase in the currency circle, meaning that after losing money, they have to rely on working to maintain a living


A meaning of a "phrase", a kind of network culture. In cryptocurrencies, it represents cryptocurrencies born because of a certain phrase. DOGE is one of the representative tokens of MEME.


Currencies without any actual value support, just like air, are worthless


A decentralized wallet founded by Ethereum technology company in 2016, still one of the most popular wallets to date


Miners, individuals or organizations that mine under the POW mechanism using computer power


A process of adding new blocks to the blockchain by solving mathematical problems



Internet slang, referring to veteran-level figures who entered a project or industry at a very early stage

One-side Market

Asset prices continue to develop in the same direction for a period of time

Open Position

Open position is any established or entered trade that is yet to be closed with an opposing trade.


Over-the-counter trading or off-exchange trading, is a method of trading crypto typically reserved for institutions and high-volume traders and a framework of financial technology that enables trading markets outside a regular exchange.


Platform Token

Refers to tokens issued by exchanges or other institutions, BNB is a cryptocurrency issued by Binance


Equity proof, similar to stock equity proof. The more tokens you hold, the higher the probability of obtaining accounting rights


The amount or position held by investors in a certain asset


Proof of work, a cryptocurrency consensus mechanism. The more you pay, the more you get. Whoever pays more computing power in the mining process can get more mining rewards

Primary Market

The primary market is where companies issue a new security, not previously traded on any exchange.

Privacy Coin

Hide transaction amount, sender and recipient in transactions, XRM is a representative currency


A short-term drop in prices during a bullish trend

Pump and Dump

First buy a cryptocurrency and hype it up to raise the price. After rising to a certain extent, sell it in large quantities and make a profit


Quantitative Trading

Quantitative trading involves the use of computer algorithms and programs—based on simple or complex mathematical models—to identify available trading opportunities.



The currency price is supported by technical or fundamental levels or funds intervention during the decline, and the market turns from decline to rise

Reduce Position

Sell some of the held positions

Retail Investors

A retail investor is an individual or nonprofessional investor who buys and sells securities through brokerage firms or retirement accounts.


The currency price hits bottom, drops unstoppably, turns from a downward trend to an upward trend, commonly seen in V-shaped reversals. Rebound is the basis for reversal


Investment return ratio, the ratio of returns from investment


Investors panic usually because the project team suddenly runs away, causing the token value to plummet.

Rug Pull

Literally, it usually refers to a situation where the DeFi platform runs away with the money



The smallest divisible unit of Bitcoin, worth 0.00000001 BTC

Short Position

A short position is created when a trader sells a security first with the intention of repurchasing it or covering it later at a lower price

Spot Market

Spot asset trading market with immediate delivery


Usually anchored to a fiat currency (usually USD), no fluctuation or very little fluctuation

Stop Loss

Refers to selling after losing to a certain extent in spot or long trading, to avoid more loses


Take Profits

Choose to leave immediately after making a profit for safety


The issuing agency of stablecoin USDT, which bridges cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies


ERC20, tokens that can run on the Ethereum blockchain


Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum co-founder and chief scientist, inventor of smart contracts


Wash Trading

Wash trading is an illegal practice where investors buy and sell the same financial instruments at the same time in order to manipulate the market


A broad concept, can be simply understood as a larger, more decentralized Internet


Individuals or institutions holding a large amount of cryptocurrency

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